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What is Quantectum?

In a world where seismic events can lead to significant destruction, Quantectum proudly stands as the exclusive privately-owned Research and Development Center solely devoted to advancing earthquake forecasting technologies.

We take great pride in operating the most advanced time-dependent physical earthquake forecasting platform available. We provide an extensive range of products and specialized expertise designed to empower individuals, organizations, and governments.

About Us
Quantectums's Technology enables presentation of seismic activity for different stakeholders

We forecast, you react!

Earthquake Forecasting Operational Center

Our Products

Our mission is to harness the power of technology, expertise, and collaboration to analyze, interpret, and distribute the most important data and information crucial for earthquake forecasting. By doing so, we provide the necessary tools and insights to navigate earthquakes and the hazards they pose effectively.

    - FIS Access: Easy access to basic earthquake forecast maps, charts, and graphs.

    - Immediate Forecasts (Nowcasts): Real-time charts, graphs, and maps showing current forecasts.

    - Short-Range Forecasts: They visualise forecasts up to 14 days ahead with charts, graphs, and maps.

    - Middle-Range Forecasts: Gain insights into forecasts up to 2 months ahead visualised with charts, graphs, and maps.

Our Products

Our Technology

Our commitment to delivering comprehensive and detailed earthquake forecasts is rooted in cutting-edge technology.

These advancements are the cornerstone of our seismic forecasting and monitoring, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in the information we offer. We operate state-of-the-art physical earthquake forecasting models, covering global tectonic stresses, local tectonic instabilities in fault zones, critical regions, and tectonic tractions.

Our Technology
One of Quantectum's products are Earthquake Forecasts

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The costliest natural disasters of the year were the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria that occurred in February 2023.


Quantectum participated in the annual ShakeOut day and prepared an earthquake drill for Quantectum’s team.


Quantectum’s three representatives of Quantectum attended the “Disaster Risk Reduction in the Digital Transformation Age: Leveraging Emerging Technologies”.

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Multiple earthquakes hit different parts of India on Friday morning, the 8th of December 2023, from which minimal impact was reported.


Earthquakes and tsunamis are natural disasters that are sometimes closely connected through a cause-and-effect relationship.


On the 6th of October 2023, Quantectum issued an orange alert for the Naples area (Campania region) associated with the growing volcanic activity located in the Campi Flegrei area.

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