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06.01.2021 Article
Petrinja earthquake (2020); Quantectum technical report The Petrinja M6.4 earthquake on 29/12/2020 was an unusual event, accompanied by relatively low shear-stress and shear-traction fields. Therefore, no medium-term forecasts for this event were possible based on the analysis of shear-traction f...
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28.11.2020 Article
Precursory stress changes before large earthquakes; on a new physical law for earthquakes For more than a century, scientists wondered what happens before large earthquakes. Are there any precursors? Finally, we have an answer to this question. Recently, the Quantectum team published a new artic...
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05.10.2020 Article
A new way of observing the tectonic waves Access the article on the following ELSEVIER link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191814120303011 In this paper, two observations of the breather-type oscillating tectonic shear stress field in the Earth's crust are described. The n...
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25.08.2020 Question
Quantectum Ensemble Earthquake Forecasting System (QEEFS)? Classically, numerical earthquake prediction was supposed to be based on a single, deterministic prediction. However, this approach is not used by Quantectum. Since seismic systems are chaotic, Quantectum uses several models to predict or...
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22.08.2020 Video
Data assimilation module Introduction To make forecasts we need to know the past and the current state of the system, and needs to understand the processes that govern the system changes. The Quantectum earthquake forecasts use a data assimilation module to estimate the initial conditions of the...
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22.08.2020 Video
Direct earthquake warning issues by Quantectum system Preliminary 2020 version Introduction Finding a clear and reliable earthquake precursor that would allow for the direct earthquake warning issues was a dream by seismologist for more than a hundred years. In the past, seismologists have trie...
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The main computer system by Quantectum is the so-called T-TECTO Studio X5 Omega Architect, which is a product of 20 years of development.

It is based on Omega-Theory that can be used to explain occurrences of past and current earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. T-TECTO Studio X5 is the world's most advanced software for fault-slip data analysis. In the last 10 years, it was significantly upgraded to allow for earthquakes analyses and also earthquake forecasting.

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It is an extensive graphic visualization tool. This system also allows for numerous statistical tests of the results. Quantectum GIS provides the system that forecasts and predicts earthquakes by using the ensemble approach, based on the Omega-Theory.

The system allows for immediate, short-range, medium-range and long-range forecasts and predictions.

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