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Quantectum technologies are based on the most advanced mathematical models of earthquake triggering, developed up to the operational level.

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Quantectum provides you with necessary information to reduce the damage caused by earthquakes so you can invest wisely and prevent any major losses.


Quantectum is one of the largest private seismological centers in the world, bringing together the best scientists, seismologists, programmers, developers, analysts, IT professionals, developers, physicists, graphic designers, and other experts.


Quantectum regularly publishes earthquake-related news and articles.

Advancing operational earthquake forecasting

What is Quantectum?

Quantectum is a Control Room dedicated to the advancement of operational earthquake forecasting. The company was founded in 2019 and uses the most advanced physical and mathematical models for the explanation of faulting processes in the Earth’s crust.


Quantectum cooperates with only high-ranking scientists, analysts, IT professionals, software and development experts, and other highly qualified experts.

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“Building Back Better and Long-Term Recovery Outcomes: Aspirations for a Resilient, Sustainable Future,” was at the core of the panelists' discussions.


In 2022, we witnessed the most earthquakes above magnitude 4.0 in January (7867), September (7780), and March (7763).


Two representatives from Quantectum attended the gala dinner for members and partners of the Slovenian Chinese Business Council.

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Get information on M6.4 Petrinja (Croatia) earthquake in 2020, which caused a lot of damage, in this Quantectum’s technical report.


Which approach is used by Quantectum to forecast earthquakes? Read about it in this blog and get to understand us better.


In 2020, Quantectum developed a new Multi-ensemble Earthquake Forecasting Model to forecast earthquakes worldwide. Find out what it is here.

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