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What is Quantectum

Quantectum is a Swiss research company dedicated to the advancement of global earthquake forecasting. We are both a research company and an operational center. Quantectum was founded in 2018 after the discovery and publication of the Omega-Theory, which redefined athe earthquake forecasting problem.

Quantectum adopts the same standards as meteorology to produce global earthquake forecasts, available to our partners, commercial customers and the broader community.

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Our products

Quantectum Earthquake Forecasting System (QEFS)

The Quantectum Earthquake Forecasting System (QEFS) is based on the Omega-Theory, which is an innovative new theory of the fundamentals underlying the physics of earthquakes and the faulting processes in the Earth’s crust to track and analyze the current sesmic activity across the world.

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Streams of work

Global forecasts

Quantectum develops and produces ensemble-based analyses and forecasts that describe the range of possible scenarios and the likelihood of earthquake occurrences.

Quantectum science

Quantectum carries out research on all aspects of global earthquake forecasting, in addition to those related to the Omega-Theory.

Environmental service

Our integrated forecasting system has created an opportunity to analyze other aspects of the tectonic and seismic processes in Earth (maps, permutations of stress states in the Earth's crust, migration of seismic activity, etc...)

News and earthquake scenarios

Our long-range forecasts are only available to  professionals, who are our partners or commercial customers. Depending on your status, the numerical results are available to you for further analyses.

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The Petrinja M6.4 earthquake on 29/12/2020 was an unusual event, accompanied by relatively low shear-stress and shear-traction fields. Therefore, no medium-term forecasts for this event were possible based on the analysis of shear-traction fields produced by tectonic waves. The increased probability for a possible strong earthquake near Petrinja was only evident based on the long-term forecasts of T-synchronizations, which defined the fourth-order T-synchronization between September 2020 and September 2021. Finally, the M6.4 earthquake near Petrinja on 29/12/2020 was a consequence of a passage of highly active tectonic waves through the region of Northern Balkan, which significantly increased the earthquake triggering probability two days before the event. Future forecasts for the Petri...
For more than a century, scientists wondered what happens before large earthquakes. Are there any precursors? Finally, we have an answer to this question. Recently, the Quantectum team published a new article in the Jou...
A new way of observing the tectonic waves Access the article on the following ELSEVIER link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191814120303011 In this paper, two observations of the breather-type oscil...
Classically, numerical earthquake prediction was supposed to be based on a single, deterministic prediction. However, this approach is not used by Quantectum. Since seismic systems are chaotic, Quantectum uses several mo...

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