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Smarter earthquake resilience

We protect the world.

Mag above 6

We understand earthquakes. We really do.

Originating from the sole privately owned earthquake-related Research & Development center worldwide, Quantectum operates what we believe are the two most advanced time-dependent statistical and physical earthquake forecasting platforms on the market.

With our team of geophysicists, seismologists, statisticians, insurance experts, blockchain specialists, and marketers, we are in a unique position to offer parametric earthquake protection via smart contracts directly to consumers and businesses – covering also the most disadvantaged and vulnerable regions.

As one of our core competencies, we also provide seamless data, insights, and earthquake models to selected industries and governments.

We make sure you have exactly what you need to recover – a couple of seconds after the earthquake.

With us, you protect yourself the smart way.
We are about to launch the very first parametric earthquake protection on a smart contract to both consumers and businesses –
with some advantages that nobody else can offer you.

Most Affordable. Fast. Simple. Transparent. Accessible.

Earthquake protection

Looking for hassle-free post-quake recovery? Then you are looking for parametric protection.


At Quantectum, your pre-agreed payout is based simply on an earthquake meeting the parametric seismic intensity trigger in your specified location. Unlike traditional indemnity insurance, our parametric coverage does not necessarily require physical damage to any underlying asset, and your claim is not processed by a claims adjuster. This is not only simple and transparent but does also allow for a quick payout.

We are unique because we are smart.

Our smart contracts are digital agreements between you and us that are stored and executed on the Ethereum blockchain. Now, for the first time in history, the entire value chain and earthquake-related data are written in a secure decentralized environment with no intermediaries and made accessible to the entire world. Our smart contracts take the benefits of parametric protection to a new level as they can be settled entirely on the blockchain.  This means almost instant payouts, zero human involvement, and no fees to the middlemen, resulting in lower frictional costs and lower premiums – for you.

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