Direct earthquake warning issues

Direct earthquake warning issues by Quantectum system

Preliminary 2020 version


Finding a clear and reliable earthquake precursor that would allow for the direct earthquake warning issues was a dream by seismologist for more than a hundred years. In the past, seismologists have tried a number of possible precursors, such as:
Animal behavior,
Changes of the velocity of the Primary (P) and secondary (S) waves,
Radon emissions,
Electromagnetic anomalies,
Disturbances of the daily cycle of the ionosphere.
None of these possible precursors was found to be reliable enough.

In 2020, Quantectum developed a new Multi-ensemble Earthquake Forecasting Model, which detected very powerful tectonic waves emitted by the largest earthquakes with magnitude above 7.5 that happened on Earth after the year 2010. It was discovered that these waves trigger earthquakes in almost all tectonic zones worldwide, which then can be used as clear earthquake precursors on a global scale.

Our system allows for active monitoring of the seismic activity of the tectonic waves in the Earth’s crust and for the direct earthquake warnings. The Quantectum forecasting system also shows that forecasting or predicting earthquakes based on the precursory seismic activity is possible. However, the precursory earthquakes do not occur only in the region of interest, but in the scale of the planet itself.