Quantectum AG

Company status: active

Legal form: Company limited by shares (AG)

Sector: IT services



Details and Contact

Address: Churerstrasse 80 8808 Pfäffikon SZ

UID: CHE-266.784.563

Commercial register number: CH-


Quantectum AG

Quantectum AG with its legal headquarters in Pfäffikon SZ is a Company limited by shares (AG) from the sector «IT services». Quantectum AG is active.

The management of the company Quantectum AG, which was founded on the 12.11.2019, consists of 2 persons.

Under «SOGC notifications» you will find all commercial register changes, the most recent one was made on 15.11.2019.

The Enterprise Identification Number of the company Quantectum AG is the following: CHE-266.784.563.

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