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Turkey Earthquakes
Seismicity and Earthquake-Related Damage in Turkey
Turkey is situated in an area that is earthquake-prone. Learn about its vulnerability to earthquakes, largest and deadliest earthquakes, as well as preparedness efforts.
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Earthquake Insurance House
Earthquake Insurance – Importance and Challenges
Quantectum is on the verge of introducing the world's pioneering parametric earthquake protection on a smart contract, available to both individuals and businesses.
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Understanding Parametric Protection via Smart Contracts
Parametric smart contracts have garnered increasing popularity and could contribute in a great way on the field of earthquake coverage.
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Quantectum Will Attend the Natural Disasters Expo
The Natural Disasters Expo will take place between October 11th and 12th in Frankfurt, Germany.
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Facts About Earthquake’s Depth
Did you know that shallow earthquakes tend to be more damaging than deeper ones?
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Earthquake Origin Myths (Part 2)
In the second part of the earthquake origin myths check out the most famous myths from Japan, Scandinavia, Fiji, Siberian Kamchatka, and Africa.
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Earthquake Origin Myths (Part 1)
Check out the most famous earthquake myths from Greece, New Zealand, Aztec culture, India, and China.
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From Earthquakes to Moonquakes and Marsquakes
As there are earthquakes that occur on Earth, there are also moonquakes occurring on the Moon and even marsquakes occurring on the Mars.
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Seismic Activity in Switzerland
Switzerland – a beautiful country located in the heart of Europe geographically divided among the Alps, the Swiss Plateau, and the Jura mountains.
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