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Every day we make the world more  resilient to earthquakes.

Journey of Quantectum:

Quantectum researchers have been developing truly ground-breaking time-dependent statistical and physical models and platforms for earthquake forecasting since 2019. The journey of Quantectum has been financed so far with private funds, making us today the sole privately owned Research & Development Center dedicated to earthquakes worldwide.

Quantectum’s models are revolutionizing the way (re)insurers are looking at their risks, e.g., by helping them evolve their static retrospective pricing towards dynamic prospective pricing strategies.

We also help multiple industries move towards better earthquake resilience by modelling ground motion combined with dynamic stress simulations on buildings and infrastructure, thereby helping them make more informed decisions about how to prepare for seismic events.

Earthquakes are one of the most life-endangering natural hazards that not only pose a threat to the infrastructure, but most of all, to the whole of humanity. Unfortunately, only a fraction of the world’s population can access to affordable protection today. We believe it is our responsibility, as Quantectum, to provide you with the appropriate means and knowledge to better protect yourself against seismic events. 

By launching parametric protection leveraging distributed ledger technology, we are making an important step towards our vision to offer protection to everybody on the globe – including the most deprived and exposed ones. For more information contact us here.

Our team:
Quantectum Yannis Skiadas

Yannis Skiadas

M. Sc. in Engineering

General Manager

Quantectum Yavor Kamer

Dr. Yavor Kamer

Ph.D. in Science, Specialized in: Earthquake Forecasting

Full-stack Developer

Quantectum Guy Ouillon

Dr. Guy Ouillon

Ph.D. in Geophysics

Statistical Seismologist

Quantectum Shyam Nandan

Dr. Shyam Nandan

Ph.D. in Science, Specialized in: Earthquake Forecasting

Statistical Seismologist

Quantectum Jure Zalohar

Dr. Jure Žalohar

Ph.D. in Geology

Research Scientist for Physical Models

Quantectum Blaz Vicic

Dr. Blaž Vičič

Ph.D. in Seismology

Research Scientist for Physical Models

Matija Perne

Asst. Prof. Dr. Matija Perne

Ph.D. in Karstology

Research Scientist for Physical Models

Quantectum Matic Potocnik

Matic Potočnik

M.Sc. in Computer and Information Science

Back-end Developer

Blaz Berdnik

Blaž Berdnik

IT Security, Maintenance, and Demand Manager

Domen Kovacic

Domen Kovačič

Back-end Developer
Quantectum Lili Czirok

Lili Czirok

M.Sc. in Geophysics

Control Room Operator

Daniele Caruso

Daniele Caruso

M.Sc. in Geological Sciences and Technologies

Control Room Operator

Quantectum Elisa Venturini

Elisa Venturini

M.Sc. in Geophysics

Ground Motion Modeller

Jacopo Iritano

Jacopo Jiritano

M.Sc. in Engineering for Natural Risk Management

Ground Motion Modeller

Quantectum Vida Zivkovic

Vida Živković

M.Sc. in Geological Engineering

Hydrogeologist and Engineering Geologist

Nina Bevc

Nina Bevc

M.A. in Communication Sciences

Marketing Manager

Quantectum Sanela Ksela

Sanela Kšela

M.A. in Sinology

Marketing Manager

Adisa Burzic

Adisa Burzić

B.A. in Analytical Political Science

Science Business & Marketing Analyst

Frosina Stojanovska

Frosina Stojanovska

M.Sc. in Geology


Nina Pleterski Puharic

Dr. Nina Pleterski Puharič

Ph.D. in Juridical Sciences

Attorney at Law, Human Resources Manager