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RichterX Engine

Statistical earthquake forecasting at its best.

What is RichterX Engine?

RichterX Engine is the first global probabilistic earthquake forecasting system. Despite being updated in real-time using live earthquake data feeds, it is also powered by simulations of millions of future earthquake scenarios using high-performance computing. In addition, our state-of-the-art and rigorously tested statistical model ensure accurate and reliable forecasts. We estimate them for any location on the globe, spanning various time horizons, for any risk-relevant magnitude. This cutting-edge technology allows you to stay informed and safe, as well as it powers our smart earthquake protection products.

Why RichterX?

Despite decades of intense research and many extensive studies, earthquakes are still deterministically unpredictable. Yet, with using rigorously tested algorithms forecasting future seismicity, we can appropriately estimate risks. In this way, we can contribute to saving lives and better insured assets. 

All traditional insurance products are based on models that are time-invariant and unable to capture the intermittent nature of earthquakes. By construction, they only target large seismic events that return every few centuries. These models are usually updated once a decade.

RichterX, on the other hand, describes very accurately the time and space variation of seismicity for different magnitude ranges. It is updated every hour with real-time earthquake data for any chosen spatial resolution worldwide.



The RichterX Earthquake Forecasting Engine is an improved version of the Epidemic Type Aftershock Sequence Models (ETAS). Our engine is based on the four most robust empirical laws of seismology. Moreover, through testing we’ve proven that it performs 10-100 times better than any other currently existing statistical or physical model. Also earthquake science community has reviewed it and widely accepted it.

We have rigorously tested our engine using state-of-the-art pseudo-prospective testing framework for maximum accuracy, so, every hour, we simulate millions of future global seismicity scenarios in the form of stochastic event sets.