Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Hit in Savu Sea, Indonesia

Time: 2024-03-24 at 03:04:06 UTC
           2024-03-24 at 11:04:06 Makassar
- Location: -9.44° LAT, 122.15° LON
- Magnitude: Mww5.7
- Depth: 49 km
- Focal mechanism: Strike Slip
- Provider: USGS, GlobalCMT

Picture 1: Location of the magnitude 5.7 earthquake in Savu Sea, Indonesia.

The earthquake occurred within a region associated with MODERATE and INCREASED seismic hazard exposure (blue and yellow alert). See our post here.

Picture 2: Post about alert field for Indonesia region.

Quantectum's Macroseismic Intensity map suggests "V" as a maximum intensity, which corresponds to STRONG shaking and potential NON damage around the epicenter. Potentially exposed cities were Ende (pop. 87,000), Maumere (pop. 88,000), Baa (pop. 1,000) and Kupang (pop. 443,000).

Picture 3: Macroseismic Intensity map for the magnitude 5.7 earthquake in Savu Sea, Indonesia.

There have been no reports of damage, injuries, or casualties as a result of the earthquake so far. No tsunami alert was issued.


* The exact information about the magnitude, epicenter, and depth of the earthquake might be revised within the next few hours as seismologists review data and refine their calculations, or as other data providers issue their reports.

** The information provided is a product of Quantectum's own system, please tag Quantectum when sharing it. For more detailed information, contact us by email.

Earthquake News


Magnitude 5.7 earthquake occurred SE of the Loyalty Islands, on April 19, 2024, at  20:18:00 local time.


Magnitude 4.3 earthquake occurred in Central-Eastern Turkey, on April 17, 2024, at 00:09:51 local time.


Magnitude 4.3 Earthquake Hit in SE Iran on April 17, 2024, at 00:29:50 local time.

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