Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake Near the China-Kyrgyzstan Border

- Time: 2024-01-22 at 18:09:04 UTC
             2024-01-23 at 00:09:04 Urumqi
- Location: 41.27° LAT, 78.65° LON
- Magnitude: Mww7.0
- Depth: 13 km
- Focal mechanism: Thrust Fault
- Provider: USGS, CMT

Picture 1: Location of the magnitude 7.0 earthquake in the Xinjiang province, China.

Quantectum mainly monitors the Euro-Mediterranean regions, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Mexico. Nevertheless, our global earthquake forecasting models suggest that the wider area of Kyrgyzstan, southern Xinjiang, Tajikistan and the neighboring regions were under the rotational singularities that caused an increase in shear traction field and earthquake triggering probabilities. Furthermore, Quantectum's models of the Atmospheric Chemical Potential (ACP) field (blue line) also indicated the well-expressed anomaly exactly in the epicentral region of the earthquake. This anomaly indicates the increased radon emissions from the underground. The red line illustrates the shear traction field.

Picture 2: Atmospheric Chemical Potential (ACP) field for the magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Xinjiang, China.

The earthquake caused the Macroseismic Intensity of VIII, corresponding to strong shaking. We estimate that at least 3 million people felt the event. The cities of Aksu, Karakol, Tumxuk, and Naryn experienced the Macroseismic Intensity of IV. However, several smaller villages were located near the epicenter and experienced strong shaking.

Picture 3: Macroseismic Intensity map for the magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Xinjiang, China.

The earthquake resulted in at least 50 individuals sustaining injuries so far (January 23, 2024), authorities reported. The seismic event, categorized as a major quake, occurred shortly after 2 a.m. in China's Xinjiang region, about 140 km west of Aksu city. The health ministry in Kazakhstan disclosed that 44 individuals with "various" injuries sought medical assistance in Almaty, the largest city in the country.

In response to the earthquake, local authorities mobilized a team to the epicenter, as stated by Beijing's Xinhua state news agency. Additionally, approximately 800 people are on standby for potential involvement in extensive disaster relief efforts.


* The exact information about the magnitude, epicenter, and depth of the earthquake might be revised within the next few hours as seismologists review data and refine their calculations, or as other data providers issue their reports.
** The information provided is a product of Quantectum's own system, please tag Quantectum when sharing it. For more detailed information, contact us by email.

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