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We are the only privately owned Research and Development Center dedicated to earthquake-related studies taking pride in operating what we believe are the best statistical and physical earthquake platforms: RichterX and Omega. Our team of experts, including geophysicists and blockchain specialists, is committed to delivering the most accurate earthquake protection possible to you. We understand that traditional (re)insurance can be confusing, which is why we are breaking the mold by disintermediating the insurance value chain and therefore providing you with the best personalized and affordable protection for a faster recovery after earthquakes.  

We offer parametric Smart Earthquake Protection directly to you, via smart contracts, covering even the most vulnerable regions. Our innovative business models and cutting-edge technology provide seamless seismic data insights and earthquake models to multiple industries and governments, including (re)insurance. Furthermore, we lead the industry with a commitment to building a more resilient world. 

As a privately owned company, we have the autonomy to conduct thorough and precise research to gather the most accurate information possible. Unlike institutions tied to funding and deadlines, our team is not constrained in our efforts to develop and improve our research. To sum up, we are at the forefront of our industry, combining the state-of-the-art RichterX and Omega Platform models to provide unparalleled insights into seismic activity worldwide.

By using what we believe to be the most reliable statistical and physical models, we determine seismic activity with the highest possible accuracy and understand what triggers it. At Quantectum, we care deeply about protecting humanity from one of the most threatening natural disasters, and we want to share our knowledge and findings with the world. That’s why we created Smart Earthquake Protection, the world’s first parametric product offering earthquake protection through smart contracts – for anyone, anywhere, anytime.


A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and agreements exist on a blockchain network, making them immutable and transparent.  

The term “smart” in “smart contract” refers to the fact that the code automates certain functions and enforces the terms of the agreement without the need for intermediaries like lawyers or banks.  

Our groundbreaking product, Smart Earthquake Protection, is revolutionizing insurance approach. Encrypting the protection into a smart contract makes the entire purchasing process faster, more reliable, and incredibly secure due to the nature of the blockchain. 

Smart contracts have several important specifications, that put them in front of traditional contracts:  

  1. Self-executing: They can execute automatically without human intervention, third-party involvement or damage assessors.  
  1. Immutable: Its code and terms cannot be changed once a smart contract is deployed on the blockchain. This makes smart contracts highly secure and transparent.  
  1. Transparent: All transactions and actions performed by a smart contract are visible to all parties involved in the network.  
  1. Decentralized: They are deployed on a decentralized blockchain network, meaning no central authority controls them.  
  1. Conditional: Smart contracts can be designed to execute specific actions only if certain conditions are met, making them highly customizable and flexible.  

With a smart contract on the blockchain, you can rest assured that it cannot be tampered with once created. This means that all terms and conditions are valid immediately upon signature by both parties, offering the ultimate level of security. From a legal standpoint, a smart contract is subject to the same terms and conditions as an ordinary contract but with the added benefit of lightning-fast processing times. Choose the smart, safe, and reliable option with a smart contract on the blockchain. 

It is an abbreviate form of Natural Catastrophe.  


Our Smart Earthquake Protection will be available worldwide, offering comprehensive protection to customers across the globe. We can provide this unmatched global coverage by utilizing precise models and secure smart contracts without third-party involvement. Whether you’re in an area at high risk for earthquakes or want to ensure you’re protected no matter where life takes you, our product is the perfect solution. 

Yes, it can. Having other insurance policies does not affect the purchase of Smart Earthquake Protection. 

When you purchase a Smart Earthquake Protection for a particular location, you’ll be covered for an entire year at that specific site. If you need coverage for a new location, you’ll need to purchase a new policy that covers that area. Our product is designed to provide customized protection tailored to your specific needs, no matter where you are. 


Here are the main reasons why our Smart Earthquake Protection outperforms all similar insurance products on the market: 

  1. We protect the world: Experience hassle-free worldwide coverage with us without worrying about broker availability in different regions. All you need is internet access! Unlike traditional insurance, which only covers a mere 20 % of the globe, our coverage has got you covered wherever you go. 
  1. Micro Insurance: We protect vulnerable regions with low frictional costs, making coverage accessible where others can’t. 
  1. Direct to Consumer: Guess how much of your insurance premium is left over once it has transitioned from your insurance broker via the direct insurer to the reinsurer. We reach out directly to you via the blockchain, bypassing all middlemen and reducing distribution expenses to zero. 
  1. Instantaneous payment: Our Smart Earthquake Protection uses cutting-edge technology to trigger payment within seconds of an earthquake exceeding the seismic intensity threshold. This means you get the payout without lengthy waits or claims adjusters. And with our exclusive use of blockchain, you can trust that you’re getting the most secure and transparent protection available. Choose Smart Earthquake Protection for earthquake protection that’s truly ahead of the curve. 
  1. Full transparency: No more exclusions and confusing T&Cs – our coverage offers pre-agreed payouts and transparent triggering parameters. With our solvency ratios updated daily on the blockchain, you can trust in the security and simplicity of our coverage. 
  1. Know your pay-out: Unlike traditional insurance, which reimburses actual losses up to a maximum insured sum, our coverage offers pre-agreed payouts independent of your suffered losses. This means you can get the support you need without worrying about the specifics of your loss, giving you greater peace of mind and security. 
  1. Smart contract makes us unique: Our exclusive coverage is powered by a unique engine that sets us apart from other companies. Our state-of-the-art technology provides the security and peace of mind you need to succeed, whether you’re a business owner or an individual seeking comprehensive coverage. 

To bring our Smart Earthquake Protection product to market as soon as possible, we’re working tirelessly to meet our target launch window of the first quarter of 2024. Our team is fully dedicated to delivering this innovative solution, and we appreciate your patience as we work to make it available to you. 

To acquire our Smart Earthquake Protection contact us by email at 

With our parametric coverage, you’ll receive a pre-agreed payout based on an earthquake meeting the parametric seismic intensity trigger in your specified location without the need for physical damage to any underlying assets or claims adjusters. Specifically, when ground motion in your city reaches a defined threshold, you are eligible to receive payment. 

This makes the entire claims process more transparent and efficient and allows for a quick payout when you need it most. 

A defined threshold of ground motion refers to a specific level of seismic intensity that triggers the payment of your pre-agreed payout. This threshold is determined by a set of parameters, including magnitude, distance, and depth sourced from the USGS data. In addition, we consider the fault type and soil conditions. Using this objective and reliable ground motion data, we can make the claims process fast, simple, and fair, ensuring you receive your payout quickly and easily. It’s important to note that our use of blockchain and unique parametric coverage makes us the only provider able to offer this efficient and transparent service. 

Quantectum utilizes the “Cat in the Box” parametric structure (“Double Trigger”) with “Ground Motion” as the trigger. This structure is the most commonly used in parametric protection and requires a pre-agreed intensity threshold (trigger 2) to be met by a catastrophe (the ‘Cat’) occurring in a specified city (the “Box”) to trigger the payout. 

For the triggering intensity threshold, Quantectum utilizes ‘Ground Motion,’ which is determined by five objective, reliable, and publicly available parameters. These parameters also correlate with economic loss, making the payout process faster and fairer. We fully disclose the formula and the first three parameters are approved by USGS data, while the remaining two are determined and disclosed by Quantectum. 

At Quantectum, we have simplified the claims process to ensure our customers receive a quick payout. Unlike traditional insurance companies, we do not employ any claims adjusters. To claim your payout you go to our WebApp, request the triggering checking and if the ground motion for your location was exceeded you can demand the payout. 

Your payout amount will depend on the ground motion intensity.  

No, you don’t need to go through the inconvenience of providing proof of loss or expenses to receive payment from us. 

At Quantectum, we understand that when disaster strikes, the last thing you need to worry about is how to spend your payout. That’s why we allow you to use your payment for whatever you see fit without any restrictions or interference from us. 

Once you purchase your Smart Earthquake Protection, it is valid for a year without the possibility of cancellation. 


The RichterX model is the only operational and statistical earthquake forecasting model in the world at this moment. It is based on an advanced Epidemic Type Aftershock Sequence (ETAS) model and has been rigorously validated using a state-of-the-art pseudo-prospective testing framework for maximum performance. We’ve proven that RichterX model outperforms all previously published statistical and physical models and that it delivers 10 – 100 times better results. This means that it is 10100 times more likely to be the correct model to describe seismicity.

We use this model to provide up-to-date estimates of future earthquake occurrences. For this purpose, it is updated in real-time using live earthquake data. In addition, powered by high-performance computing, our system delivers earthquake forecasts for any global location, for various time intervals and magnitude ranges, by simulating millions of future seismicity scenarios worldwide.  

The standard ETAS model assumes spatial homogeneity in its parameters, while our advanced model incorporates their spatial variations and physics-based correlations with the magnitudes of the events. Among others, our model allows the background event rate to vary from place to place, enabling us to mimic the localization of seismicity at the boundaries of tectonic plates and their different levels of seismicity rates. At the same time, the decay of activity during an aftershock sequence significantly depends on the magnitude of the event it follows. 

The RichterX platform provides real-time probabilities of future earthquakes within a user-specified time, space, and magnitude window. It consists in an average, constant background value which we supplement by the probability that each observed event will trigger other earthquakes of a given magnitude in a given space-time frame.  

The RichterX web platform also allows real-time testing of competing prediction algorithms, whatever their type (i.e., using seismicity data or other), that is compared to the RichterX model using a variety of scores. Participants may issue predictions worldwide or within any specific area, consisting of a user-defined space-time-magnitude window. The top-ranking participants are announced at regular bi-weekly intervals, while their scores are also cumulated with time and revealed with their statistical significance. 


The Omega Platform is the world’s first ever-evolving time-dependent physical earthquake forecasting system. It is capable of short to intermediate-term earthquake forecasting on regional and global scales. Based on the outcomes of the statistical evaluation, future products will be built around this new dynamic system. Currently, it is in a phase of research and testing. 

The Omega Earthquake Forecasting System utilizes publicly available data, including earthquake catalogs and active fault databases, to forecast seismic hazards, including tectonic stress changes, instabilities, waves, and shear traction. 

We calculate Omega in ensemble mode, meaning we can capture more information in the final compiled model. For modelling, we use the data of past earthquakes from which we calculate tectonic stresses affecting the Earth’s Crust, tectonic instabilities measuring if a particular region is currently under a stable or unstable regime, and tectonic waves, which are the triggers of earthquakes. 

The time-dependent stresses in the Earth’s crust are related to the movement of tectonic plates and are calculated based on past earthquakes. From the faulting styles that describe the movement along a fault that ruptured with an earthquake, we can calculate and project future states of the normalized shear stress. Stresses in the Earth’s Crust are used to define the areas where the largest earthquakes are more likely to occur in a specific future timeframe.

Using a Cosserat continuum, we model tectonic stress and rotations affecting the Earth’s faults, calculating time-dependent strain and stress using a moment tensor summation methodology. 

To overcome the chaotic time component of earthquake catalogs, the Omega System distinguishes between random background earthquakes and sequences of earthquakes using a method based on identifying geometric or periodic earthquake sequences. This approach allows us to calculate future seismic states and measure tectonic instabilities within a specific space-time domain. Our models demonstrate that critical regions with numerous synchronized geometric and/or periodic sequences have an increased probability of earthquake triggering. 

We model the waves as nonlinear kink and anti-kink waves, which are special breather-type waves. Based on the waves, we calculate shear and normal traction globally. Retrospective analysis shows that large earthquakes happen in the areas of increased shear-traction field in agreement with the MM-law. To capture as much information in our models, we build ensembles of models with different starting conditions. In this way, our final model can give a much broader range of information than a single model.  


All the information in a smart contract on the blockchain is completely secure due to a particular type of encryption. This means that no one except you can ever discover the details of the nature of your contract or access your personal data in any way.  

No. The nature of a smart contract makes this possible. Once encoded on the blockchain, changing or manipulating anything is impossible.