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Dr. Rok Pleterski Puharič <span>Doctor of Juridical Sciences<br> Attorney at Law<br>Founder of a Law Firm and of the Arbitration and Corporate Law Institute</span>
Dr. Rok Pleterski Puharič Doctor of Juridical Sciences
Attorney at Law
Founder of a Law Firm and of the Arbitration and Corporate Law Institute
External co-operator
From past earthquakes to future forecasts.
Frosina Stojanovska <span>M.A. in Geology</span>
Frosina Stojanovska M.A. in Geology
Changing the face of eartquake forecasting forever with the help of modern science.
Dr. Nina Pleterski Puharič <span>Doctor of Juridical Sciences<br> Attorney at Law<br> Co-Founder of a Law Firm<br> External co-operator</span>
Dr. Nina Pleterski Puharič Doctor of Juridical Sciences
Attorney at Law
Co-Founder of a Law Firm
External co-operator
Chief Administrative Officer
With Quantectum, risks are never too risky.
Adisa Burzić <span>B.A. in Anylatical Political Science</span>
Adisa Burzić B.A. in Anylatical Political Science
Office Manager
No stress is too big for us. Not even tectonic stress.
Nika Verlič <span>B.A. in Interlingual Communication</span>
Nika Verlič B.A. in Interlingual Communication
Administrative Assistant
Doing geological surveys to serve the people.
Tjaša Kogoj <span>M.A. in History</span>
Tjaša Kogoj M.A. in History
Administrative Assistant
Weather forecasts are great. But have you ever heard of earthquake forecasts?