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Dr. Jure Žalohar <span>Ph.D. in Geology</span>
Dr. Jure Žalohar Ph.D. in Geology
Chief Research Officer
Quantectum is a progressive pioneer in earthquake-related research and forecasting.
Dr. Blaž Vičič <span>Ph.D. in Seismology</span>
Dr. Blaž Vičič Ph.D. in Seismology
Chief Forecasting Officer
Understanding the depth of every fault.
Matic Potočnik <span>M.A. in Computer and Information Science</span>
Matic Potočnik M.A. in Computer and Information Science
Chief Technology Officer
Quantectum takes Earth very seriously.
Dr. Laetitia Foundotos <span>Ph.D. in Seismology</span>
Dr. Laetitia Foundotos Ph.D. in Seismology
Research Scientist
For Quantectum, geology is a big deal.
Pavel Budnikov <span>M.A. in Geophysics</span>
Pavel Budnikov M.A. in Geophysics
Research Scientist
Changing the face of natural hazards and their consequences forever.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Matija Perne <span>Ph.D. in Karstology</span>
Asst. Prof. Dr. Matija Perne Ph.D. in Karstology
Research Scientist
Recognizing patterns in geological data.
Hakan Süleyman <span>M.Sc. in Earthquake Engineering</span>
Hakan Süleyman M.Sc. in Earthquake Engineering
Ground Motion Seismologist
Turning over every stone to understand earthquakes.
Gregor Rajh <span>M.A. in Geophysics</span>
Gregor Rajh M.A. in Geophysics
Control Room Operator
Quantectum - at home in earthquake forecasting.
Daniele Caruso <span>M.A. in Geological Sciences and Technologies</span>
Daniele Caruso M.A. in Geological Sciences and Technologies
Control Room Operator
It’s not only those who work above the Earth that are important, it’s also those who work their ways below it.
Lili Czirok, M.Sc. <span>M.Sc. in Geophysics</span>
Lili Czirok, M.Sc. M.Sc. in Geophysics
Control Room Operator
Making the best out of the worst.
Muhammad Arqim Adil, M.Sc. <span>M.Sc. in Physics</span>
Muhammad Arqim Adil, M.Sc. M.Sc. in Physics
Control Room Operator
Not just academically active but also seismically reactive.
Domen Kovačič
Domen Kovačič
Full-Stack Developer
Turning deformations in Earth's crust into recognisable patterns.
Dmitry Chertkov
Dmitry Chertkov
Full-Stack Developer
At Quantectum, good timing is everything.
Viktor Cicimov <span>M.Sc. in Biology, Biochemistry and Physiology<br> MBA in Management</span>
Viktor Cicimov M.Sc. in Biology, Biochemistry and Physiology
MBA in Management
Full-Stack Developer
Knowing every step of the wave.
Galina Kryuchkova <span>M.A. in Information Technology</span>
Galina Kryuchkova M.A. in Information Technology
Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Prone to recognize hidden earthquake prone regions.