Attending AmCham Focus

Quantectum attended the first AmCham Focus of the year, the dialogue about Slovenia as a legal or administrative state. The event took place on Thursday, February 29, 2024, at the Best Western Premier Hotel Slon in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

Firstly, in the discussion with Aleš Lunder, we gained important insights into the legal landscape of Slovenia, delving into its status as a legal state. We explored the intricacies of the Slovenian business environment, evaluating its predictability and how it either facilitates or constrains investment opportunities for stakeholders.

Furthermore, the co-chairs of various AmCham committees, namely the Ready 4D Future Committee, Intellectual Property Committee, Health and Wellbeing Committee, Future of Work and Education Committee, and Finance Committee, contributed their perspectives. Through their collective expertise, they not only offered valuable insights but also outlined the priorities for advocacy in the current year.

Boris Horvat, Ph.D., Jaka Repanšek, LL.B. MBA, Janko Burgar, M.Sc., Sanja Savič, M.Sc., and Žiga Vižintin, M.Sc., each hone in on specific thematic areas, added depth to the discussions. Together, their expertise provided a comprehensive exploration of crucial topics impacting Slovenia's socio-economic landscape.

AmCham Slovenia also presented a brochure with the main highlights of their advocacy. The priority topics that they will address this year are health, knowledge and people, international competitiveness, sustainability, and a welfare society. The brochure is available at the following link.

From attending the AmCham Focus event, Quantectum's representatives gained a multifaceted understanding of Slovenia's legal and administrative state, along with insights into its business environment. The dialogue with Aleš Lunder provided insights into Slovenia's status as a legal state, while the participation of co-chairs from various AmCham committees offered diverse perspectives on important issues such as future workforce trends, intellectual property, health, and finance. Quantectum's representatives benefited from the collective expertise of these individuals, who outlined key advocacy priorities for the year ahead.

AmCham Focus

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Quantectum attended the first AmCham Focus of the year, the dialogue about Slovenia as legal or administrative state.


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