Quantectum Attended December's AmCham Business Breakfast

Quantectum is honored to be a member of AmCham Slovenia, a dynamic and influential international business community with over 400 members. The AmCham Business Breakfast, a monthly event, stands out as a significant gathering that draws a diverse audience, including business leaders, diplomats, decision-makers, and media representatives. Quantectum's representative proudly attended December's AmCham Business Breakfast on December 6, 2023.

During this gathering, AmCham representatives unveiled three outstanding business practices, celebrating the super finalists in the categories of Innovativeness, Motivation, and ESGT. The event showcased the remarkable achievements and progress made throughout the year 2023, concluding with a toast to the future and the visionaries shaping it.

Additionally, they unveiled the two AmCham Business Leaders of 2024, the recipients of the Business Award of the Future, which, according to young professionals from the YOUng platform, rewards exceptional role models, business leaders, and proponents of the culture of dialogue.

At the center stage of greatness were Anita Ogulin and Jure Leskovec, who are, with their breakthrough mentality, the inspiration for the present and the future and represent the driving force of positive change.

Quantectum's representative gained useful and important insights into business practices and further expanded Quantectum's network with other decision-makers. The December AmCham Business Breakfast provided a platform for engaging discussions on the highlighted themes of Innovativeness, Motivation, and ESGT. By actively participating in these conversations, our representative not only enhanced his understanding of industry best practices but also established valuable connections with like-minded professionals and decision-makers.

AmCham Business Breakfast Slovenia and Quantectum

News & Events


Quantectum participated and attended at Natural Disasters Expo 2024 in Frankfurt from May 15-16.


Quantectum hosted a distinguished delegation from the Turkish-Slovenian Business Council at our earthquake forecasting Operations Center.


Quantectum attended the first AmCham Focus of the year, the dialogue about Slovenia as legal or administrative state.

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