Quantectum Attended Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Product Release Event

Quantectum’s four representatives attended the GEM Releases New Global Earthquake Hazard and Risk Products event, organized on 13th of October 2023, by the Global Seismological Model (GEM). The event was titled “Towards Advancing Global Seismic Risk Awareness & Equity.

The UNDRR's International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction this year emphasizes the profound connection between disasters and societal vulnerability, with unequal access to resources exacerbating disaster risks. The GEM Foundation is addressing this issue by offering groundbreaking earthquake hazard and risk maps that empower professionals across various sectors to enhance safety, preparedness, and risk reduction measures on a global scale.

GEM is taking significant strides to address this issue through its groundbreaking earthquake hazard and risk maps. They introduced multiple useful products, including the Global Seismic Hazard Map and the Global Risk Map. These maps offer vital insights into risk disparities worldwide, equipping professionals across various sectors with the tools to enhance safety, preparedness, and risk reduction measures.

Our representatives learned about the profound connection between disasters and social vulnerability, GEM Foundation’s approach to addressing the issue of disaster risk exacerbated by unequal access to resources, and especially about the new products introduced by GEM that can assist professionals across various sectors in enhancing safety, preparedness, and risk reduction on a global scale.

Quantectum’s representatives at the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) product release event on International Disaster Risk Reduction Day.
Picture 1: Quantectum’s four representatives attending the GEM event.

News & Events


Quantectum participated and attended at Natural Disasters Expo 2024 in Frankfurt from May 15-16.


Quantectum hosted a distinguished delegation from the Turkish-Slovenian Business Council at our earthquake forecasting Operations Center.


Quantectum attended the first AmCham Focus of the year, the dialogue about Slovenia as legal or administrative state.

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