Quantectum At January's AmCham Business Breakfast

Quantectum is a proud member of AmCham Slovenia, a dynamic and influential international business community with over 400 members. In 2024, AmCham celebrates 25 years of the AmCham business community and the values that distinguish us at every step: Trust, Optimism, Collaboration, Integrity, and Ambition. The AmCham Business Breakfast, held monthly, is a noteworthy event that attracts a diverse audience comprising business leaders, diplomats, decision-makers, and media representatives. Notably, two representatives from Quantectum enthusiastically participated in the January 18, 2024 edition of the AmCham Business Breakfast.

The meeting was opened by Blaž Brodnjak, the President of AmCham Slovenia and CEO & the President of the Board of NLB (Nova Ljubljanska Banka), who extended the opening welcome and provided insights into the challenges and opportunities awaiting in 2024. The engaging discussion was moderated by Ajša Vodnik, MSc, the CEO of AmCham Slovenia, as she was talking with Borut Pahor, the Former President of the Republic of Slovenia and author of the debut book "Zmaga je začetek" (Victory is the Beginning). They talked about the economic and social challenges in 2024, how could Slovenia win in 2024 and remain relevant, as well as what values will contribute to creating a winning environment in 2024.

Quantectum's representatives had an opportunity to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities anticipated in 2024, learned about the economic and social challenges expected in 2024, and gained insights into how Slovenia could navigate and succeed in the coming year while staying relevant. Overall, attending the event provided them with a deeper understanding of the perspectives and discussions surrounding the economic and social landscape in Slovenia for the year 2024.

Slovenia AmCham January

News & Events


Quantectum participated and attended at Natural Disasters Expo 2024 in Frankfurt from May 15-16.


Quantectum hosted a distinguished delegation from the Turkish-Slovenian Business Council at our earthquake forecasting Operations Center.


Quantectum attended the first AmCham Focus of the year, the dialogue about Slovenia as legal or administrative state.

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