Our Response to Morocco Earthquake: Open Street Maps

On September 8, 2023, a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked central Morocco, not far from the historic city of Marrakech. This seismic event unleashed a catastrophic wave of destruction, leaving in its wake a trail of profound human suffering and unprecedented devastation. 

Tragically, the earthquake's toll on human life has been heart-wrenching, with nearly 3,000 confirmed fatalities reported to date. Moreover, the number of injuries stemming from the disaster has surpassed 5,500. The sheer scale of these casualties highlights the immediate and pressing need for comprehensive disaster response efforts. 

In the face of such overwhelming adversity, the global community, alongside dedicated organizations like Quantectum and the Open Street Maps project, rallied to provide assistance, resources, and support to the affected people of Morocco. 

Quantectum's team of geoscientists leveraged their expertise in geo-mapping to support the recovery operations following the earthquake. They diligently mapped the impacted regions to provide valuable assistance to disaster response teams. 

In collaboration with the Open Street Maps project, our geoscientists were working to create comprehensive maps of the areas most severely affected by the earthquake. These meticulously crafted maps serve as an invaluable tool in the management of hazards and the facilitation of recovery efforts. By accurately documenting the changes in terrain and infrastructure caused by the earthquake, we provided essential data that guided disaster response teams and decision-makers. 

Through our collaborative efforts with the Open Street Maps project and other relief organizations, we aimed to bring hope and relief to the people of Morocco as they work to rebuild their communities and move towards a brighter future. Together, we are making a meaningful difference in the wake of this seismic event.

News & Events


Quantectum participated and attended at Natural Disasters Expo 2024 in Frankfurt from May 15-16.


Quantectum hosted a distinguished delegation from the Turkish-Slovenian Business Council at our earthquake forecasting Operations Center.


Quantectum attended the first AmCham Focus of the year, the dialogue about Slovenia as legal or administrative state.

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