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Quantectum at GSA 2021

Two representatives of Quantectum attended the GSA (The Geological Society of America) Annual Meeting, which took place from October 10th to 13th 2021 in Portland, OR.

Why did we attend the GSA?

The Chief Executive Officer of Quantectum Marko Komac and Research Scientist Blaž Vičič attended the conference with the goal to present Quantectum Earthquake Forecasting System. Their goals were to showcase the science behind our forecast models, the products we provide, to establish additional contacts, and obtain feedback from wider publicity. GSA Annual Meeting was a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience which we later implemented in the company.

They presented the “Time-dependent earthquake forecasting” and Quantectum with a modern and stylish boot that attracted numerous visitors being intrigued by the novel approach to the time-dependent earthquake forecasting technology.

Quantectum at GSA


New Opportunities

During the attendance at GSA Annual Meeting Marko and Blaž successfully presented our services to professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, and other visitors. Their interest grew tremendously especially after seeing the forecasting results and possible products, which can help save people’s lives, businesses, industries, etc. They were impressed by the accuracy Quantectum Earthquake Forecasting System provides and the positive impact it can have on society.

Marko and Blaž successfully made some new quality connections with various American and Global seismological communities, with which Quantectum could cooperate in the future.

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