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Quantectum attended the AGU 2021

Quantectum participated in the largest international Earth and space science meeting in the world - American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2021 - that was held in New Orleans (Louisiana) from 13th to 17th of December 2021.

The main theme of the meeting was Science is Society, or as the whole message says:

“Science is decision-making, understanding, disruptive, personal, and a community.”




Three representatives of Quantectum attended the AGU meeting to show what Quantectum is working on, visually present our earthquake forecasting system, and explain our latest achievements.

Many people that stopped at our booth expressed their interest in our work and gave a lot of positive feedback regarding our visual representation. There were many visitors, most of them researchers, from different companies, industries, and universities as well as Ph.D. students with a very good background in geophysics and seismology with years of experience in these fields. This allowed for a vivid discussion about the features of our earthquake forecasting system, our cases as well as our system’s contribution to society, businesses, industry, etc.

Besides presenting our work, the Quantectum representatives also visited the booths of other companies and gained a lot of new knowledge about the existing and upcoming technological innovations and approaches. The Quantectum team also attended some lectures held by some of the world-famous scientists. Among them was also the speech on the scientific and technological pathway and frontiers of geophysics held by the 11th Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy and Science Advisor to the President – an American mathematician and geneticist – Eric Lander.


The overall atmosphere of the meeting was very inspiring, relaxing, as well as fun. We completed our goals and presented our earthquake forecasting system to a wider audience, made new connections, and took a step further to making this world a safer place.

You can read more about AGU here.


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