Quantectum’s Earthquake Forecasting Products

Earthquake Forecasting Products 

Instantly integrate earthquake forecast data and make complex decisions. 

Quantectum continually evolves its products with a customer-centric approach, customizing them to meet your specific needs. We anticipate collaborations not only with governments but also with other businesses. For further details, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Our team of experts, equipped with the latest technologies, is actively engaged in developing and tailoring multiple innovative products. Stay tuned for more information to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks, including updates on FIS, Operations Center, and API libraries.





Forecasting Information Service (FIS) access

Immediate forecasts

Short-range forecasts (up to 14 days ahead)

Middle-range forecasts (up to 2 months ahead)


Long-range forecasts (up to 1 year ahead)


Automatically generated reports:
event reports; automated forecasts

Access to the API library

Access to the report generator


Unlimited Points of Interest (PI) access


Building the National Operations Center (OC)


Interpreted earthquake forecasts:
Weekly, monthly, and yearly forecasts


Access to the global daily timelines

Access to the regional daily timelines


Alert system and expert support


* possible only via the national Operations Centers

Product descriptions

Forecasting Information Service (FIS) access: FIS is a geographic information system that delivers basic maps, charts, and graphs to clients.

Immediate forecasts (nowcasts): These include charts, graphs, and maps showing the current forecasted tectonic fields in the Earth’s crust.

Short-range forecasts: These include charts, graphs, and maps showing the forecasted tectonic fields up to 14 days ahead.

Middle-range forecasts: These include charts, graphs, and maps showing the forecasted tectonic fields up to 2 months ahead.

Long-range forecasts: These include charts, graphs, and maps showing the forecasted tectonic fields up to a year ahead.

Automatically generated reports (event reports; forecasts): The automatically generated reports are available for predefined Points of Interest (PI) on known active tectonic faults or past/current earthquakes.

Access to the API library: A vast amount of data is accessible using our API library.

Access to report generator: The content of the automatically generated earthquake reports and forecasts can be defined in the report generator to include the required information.

Unlimited Points of Interest (PI) access: The Quantectum GIS and FIS generate automated event reports and forecasts in the predefined Points of Interest. These are chosen on the active tectonic faults, important tectonic zones close to highly populated areas, or vital infrastructure.

Building the National Operations Center (OC): Governments can decide to build national Operations Centers to run ensembles of Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) regional models, to perform the high-precision analysis of tectonic instabilities and assess the seismic hazard/risk, and to deliver the Quantectum alert system.

Interpreted forecasts by OC (weekly, monthly, yearly): National Operations Centers deliver via FIS the interpreted weekly, monthly, and yearly (annual) forecasts to identify the high-risk time windows and to assess the possible scenarios during the alerts.

Access to daily timelines: National Operations Centers deliver via FIS the daily timelines with the real-time assessment of time-dependent seismic hazard and risk in a given region by issuing green, yellow, and orange alerts. The timelines include weekly forecasts, analysis of the current seismicity, and expert support in interpreting the seismic situations.

Expert support: Governments, Civil Protection, and rescue teams are assisted by the operators working in the national Operations Centers to assess the time-dependent seismic hazard and risk and to make the best decisions.


Quantectum’s Earthquake Forecasting Product FIS

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