National Operational Center for earthquake forecasting in Ljubljana, Slovenia

National Operations Centers for Earthquake Forecasting

Advancing Operations Earthquake Forecasting in Your Country

In cooperation with governments, Quantectum offers to build national Operations Centers to advance operational earthquake forecasting and real-time assessment of the time-dependent seismic hazard / risk. The following technical solutions are included:

    • Basic education and training of the Operations Center operators;

    • Calculation of ensembles of Ultra-High-Definition regional statistical and physical forecasting models; 

    • Analysis of tectonic faults interaction, active cells, and definition of the Points of Interest;

    • Alert protocol training and tunning based on historical data;

    • High-precision analysis of the past aftershock sequences;

    • Production of interpreted weekly, monthly, and yearly forecasts;

    • Production of daily timelines/analyses of the time-dependent seismic hazard/risk;

    • Interpretations of the output of the Quantectum Direct Earthquake Information System of real-time notifications and warnings;

    • High-precision forecasting of tectonic instabilities along the most important tectonic zones and in the   Points of Interest;

    • Possible assessment of possible alerts;

    • Full access to the Quantectum API libraries;

    • Expert support in the case of alerts to best assess high-risk situations.

Operational Center operator forecasting earthquakes


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